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At Fuentes Automotive, our staff is fully qualified and trained to service your Import or Domestic automobiles.  Our shop is equipped to do any mechanical, electrical and diagnostic repairs.


Below find a description of our most common services*.












Standard Oil, Lube and Filter Service: Includes up to 5

quarts of 10w-30 oil, a new oil filter, grease the chassis,

top off fluids, check tire pressure and visually inspect the vehicle.

Recommended: Every 3 months or 3,000 miles.


Synthetic Oil, Lube and Filter Service: Same as standard oil, but we install 10w-30 synthetic motor oil.

Recommended: Every 6 months or 6,000 miles.













Inspections and Testing


VA State Inspection: Prompt inspection with the option of getting necessary repairs done before inspection.

State Emission Testing: We have an Emissions Repair Facility that will help you pass the State Emission Testing the first time.


Horsepower testing: Using our High Performance Dyno Testing, we can test your vehicle's horsepower accurately and recommend improvement options. 


Vehicle Check-Up: Road test, inspect the condition of the lights, tires, chassis, all fluids, electrical components, front end steering, system, brake system, starting and charging systems, etc. An over all checkup of your vehicle.

Recommended: Before long trips or when the seasons changes.















Tire Maintenance


Tire Rotation/Tire Repair: Inspect the condition of your tires, adjust air pressure and rotate all four tires. Repair Tire if necessary.

Recommended: Every 6,000 miles


Balance and Rotate Four Tires: Inspect the condition of

your tires, computer spin balance, rotate, adjust air pressure and road test.

Recommended: Every 12 months or 18,000 miles.


Wheel Alignments: Front end thrust or Four wheel alignment. For both: Road test vehicle, inspect the suspension, steering and tires, grease chassis, measure alignment angles of the front end, adjust as needed, then road test when completed.

Recommended: Every 12 months or 18,000 miles.














Basic Maintenance


Basic Maintenance Tune-Up: Road test, inspect ignition system, fuel system and related components for proper operation, test starting and charging systems, replace the spark plugs and make adjustments as needed.

Recommended every 30,000 miles with standard plugs.


Premium Maintenance Tune-Up: Same as the "Basic Maintenance Tune-Up," plus inspect computer and emission systems, install new fuel filter, a new PCV valve and new air filter.

Recommended every 30,000 miles with standard plugs.







Fuel Filter Service: Inspect the condition of the fuel system, install a new fuel filter and road test.

Recommended: Every 3 years or 30,000 miles.


Timing Belts: Inspect drive belts, all belt driven components, water pumps, front engine seals, tensioners, install new timing belt, set engine timing, adjust ignition timing and road test.

Recommended every 90,000 to 120,000 miles


Standard Fuel and Air Induction System Cleaning: Inspect the fuel and air induction system, chemically clean the air intake system, the fuel injection system, the throttle body, adjust idle as needed and road test.

Recommended: Every 21,000 miles


Premium Fuel and Air Induction System Cleaning: Same as "Standard Fuel and Air Induction System Cleaning," but we also install a new fuel filter, air filter and PCV valve.

Recommended: Every 63,000 miles












Coolant/Anti-Freeze Maintenance Flush: Inspect cooling system, chemically treat system to loosen dirt, remove old coolant/antifreeze, flush, install fresh coolant/antifreeze, adjust freeze/boiling points, pressure test and road test.

Recommended every 3 years or 30,000 miles for the majority of vehicles. (For Extended life coolants 4 years or 60,000 miles)


Automatic Transmission Service: Inspect Transmission drain fluid, clean and inspect unit, replace filter and gasket, make adjustments as needed, reassemble, fill with automatic transmission fluid and road test.

Recommended every 60,000 miles


Transmission Flush: Inspect transmission system, flush, install new transmission fluid and road test.

Recommended: Every 2 years or 24,000 miles





































Air Conditioning Service: Road test, inspect the condition of the cooling system, test climate control functions, pressure and leak test and performance test the air conditioning system and advise of the condition.

Majority of vehicles, refrigerants and diagnostic service additional.


Complete Diagnostic Services: Do the necessary testing to diagnose problems related to engines, transmissions, poor performance, electrical systems, anti-lock brake systems, check engine lights, computer systems or any other electrical or mechanical problems. After testing advise about that problem and what should be done to correct it.

Covers one hour of diagnostic labor.






















Basic Brake Service: Disc, Drum, Rear

For all three: Road test, inspect the complete service brake and emergency brake systems, install a new set of disc brake pads and rim machine, disk and drums, clean and lubricate the hardware and road test when done.

Majority of vehicles, one year warranty, diagnostic services additional. Additional repairs may be needed to restore brakes to manufacturer's specifications.


We also maintain, service and repair:


Engines · Transmissions Drivelines · Tires · Wheel Alignments · Electrical Systems · Starters · Alternators · Batteries · Custom Exhaust Systems · Heating and Air Conditioners · Steering · Suspensions · Radiators · Ignition Systems · Anti-Lock Brake Systems · Computer Systems · Gas Tanks · Fuel Injection Systems · Wiper Motors · Optional Equipment · Cruise Controls · Just about any Automotive, Electrical or Mechanical Repair



*Please note these services are for the majority of vehicles. All diagnostic service is additional.


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